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about us 
We are a behavioral health & wellness agency. We are disruptors. We proudly embrace a liberation-focused approach to wellness, deeply rooted in the powerful traditions of Caribbean resilience & resistance. We are a movement. We refuse to accept the beliefs that perpetuate the stigma associated with mental health. Instead, we aim to create a culture that is open, compassionate, and supportive of each individual’s unique well-being journey.
We are dedicated to advocating for change by collaborating with community partners to identify and eliminate structural and attitudinal barriers that hinder positive outcomes in the realm of behavioral health and wellness.
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Through the dissemination of information and resources on behavioral health and wellness, we strive to equip community members with the knowledge and skills needed to actively participate in improving their mental and emotional well-being.
“One-one full ah basket.”
                   – Caribbean Proverb
Our Mission

At Greater Changes, our mission is to empower individuals and communities through the promotion and provision of ethical, evidence-based, and culturally intentional behavioral health services.

Our vision

We envision a community where the unique cultural perspectives of each individual is valued. We envision a collaborative approach to growth, and positive change in a liberated environment. We envision a community that promotes not only individual wellness but also the well-being of families and the community as a whole. Our vision is rooted in liberation, inclusion, and the belief that everyone deserves to thrive.

our COMmitment

Driven by a profound desire to make a difference, Tarik & Tamara McMillan founded a non-profit to open doors to quality behavioral health services across the Caribbean. The Bush Tea & Therapy Foundation emerges as the charitable arm of Greater Changes, epitomizing the heartfelt vision of our founders. The Bush Tea & Therapy Foundation embodies our agency’s unwavering commitment to nurturing mental health and well-being, reflecting our deep-rooted belief in the power of community support and the transformative impact of accessible care.